Leasing a car can be a great way to enjoy all of the new car benefits without having to deal with the high payments associated with new car ownership.  At the end of the lease, you’ll have the option to buy the vehicle to own it outright.  The amount owing will be determined by a number of factors, including the residual value.

Before you meet with a car dealer, it is vital that you arm yourself with a good knowledge of the basic details of leasing.  Understanding the industry and business terms will put you in a better position for strong negotiations.  One of the expressions you’ll hear quite frequently while discussing a car lease is “residual value”.

Residual value involves more than your monthly payments, and the buyout amount at the end of your lease.  Leasing companies also use the vehicle’s residual value to establish any penalties owing should you break your lease early.  It is an important word and you need to know precisely what it means, and how to estimate it. Read more . . .

Sooner or later, many drivers find themselves in the fortunate situation of getting a new car.  Choosing the make and model is an thrilling process.  Then, the dilemma of whether to lease or buy comes into play.  Is it better to pay cash up front or arrange personal financing to own the vehicle outright, or should you choose lower monthly payments and give up ownership?

As is the case with most ordinary dilemmas, there are no black and white answers.  Each option has its own drawbacks and benefits, and your final decision depends on your particular personal and financial circumstances. Read more . . .

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People lease cars for various reasons.  Some drivers are capable of writing off their transportation costs at tax time.  There are those who lease to provide themselves with a regular supply of new cars.  Others still simply favour leasing to the hassles of car ownership.

Whatever your rationale for leasing a car, you need to know how to spot a good deal,  and save money on your lease. Read more . . .

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Leasing an automobile can leave the average consumer feeling flabbergasted by the mathematical equations that unfold before you.  The very basic process can seem like a numeric undertaking that requires an Einstein-like understanding of figures.  That’s just what the leasing companies would like you to believe.

Many of us shy away from the seemingly complicated equations that determine our monthly lease payments, preferring instead to leave the calculations to the dealer.  It’s actually not that difficult.  Once you have a basic understanding of all the figures in calculating your monthly payments, it can all fall into place very nicely. Read more . . .

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One of the first lessons we learn about business is to take the guarantees of your car dealer with a grain of salt. Of course, there are honest sellers who have your best interests at heart, but the sale still reigns utmost with many.  Now that leasing is becoming such a popular option with today’s consumers, the old car dealer scams have taken new shape.

It seems that, these days, there are as many people leasing cars as buying, and with good reason.  Leasing offers Read more . . .