Car Insurance Or Truck Insurance

Get a quote from at least 3 companies. It’s free, and you will get faster at the process each time. Having a few quotes to compare will help you choose the winning company, and will get you the best price.You can’t drive your new (or old) wheels without car insurance. Fortunately, it really is possible to save money by shopping around –perhaps a lot of money! Yes, it does require some effort, and some tolerance for rather boring forms on web sites, but they don’t take long to complete, and you could be earning the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars per hour for your time, considering the money you might save.

Progressive Insurance

One of the leading car insurance sites, Progressive is dedicated to online technologies. Besides giving free quotes, their site also provides a useful comparison chart for the main insurance companies in about 20 U.S. states.


InsWeb’s slogan is “Lower your insurance costs, not your expectations”, and they live up to that claim. They encourage comparison shopping, and can provide quote comparisons from about 30 companies at once. They also have a number of tools and well-written articles about auto insurance for vehicle owners.


You might guess from its name that this is a comparison-making company, but a free quote from Esurance is a quote from an actual car insurance company. They claim to have made it easier to change insurers, by using their “Hassle-Free Switching” feature.

How to save money on car insurance

Here are a few things to think about before you insure your car:

Get help

  • Check to see what your state’s requirements are for minimum insurance levels.
  • Evaluate your assets. How much coverage do you really need?
  • Have at hand a copy of your current insurance coverage. How much are your premiums now?
  • Gather all other forms you may need, such as your drivers license, and vehicle registration.
  • Make sure you fill out each company’s quote form with the same data, so that you can compare their prices easily.
  • When you choose one or two best companies, call them up and ask about possible discounts. Then finalize the details and cancel your old insurance policy.
  • Celebrate your smarts for saving money!