Car odometer at 100000 miles

Everyone’s on the move these days, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the most modern trends.  That’s why automobile leasing has become such a well known alternative for new car drivers.  Some industry insiders will be adamant that leasing is the most cost-efficient way to drive the newest models, but not all leases are good deals.

The secret to finding a great lease is the ability to distinguish between  an exercise in up selling and a good deal. Read more . . .


Shiny day

(NC) Choosing whether to lease or buy your brand-new vehicle can be a difficult choice. Both options have their advantages however discovering the right alternative for your pocket book will depend mostly on your individual lifestyle. John Roth, VP of Sales, Service, and Advertising at General Motors of Canada offers some idea and contrasts between leasing and purchasing:


* Leasing durations usually last two to three years. This is an excellent alternative for those who want to change to new vehicles regularly. Read more . . .