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When you’re tucking your baby in at night, you want her to be cozy, warm, cozy and safe from harm.  That’s why so many car enthusiasts use car canopies for protection from the elements.

A car canopy is a great way to shield your vehicle, when you just don’t have the room or the money to build a fixed structure.  Car canopies offer security from the elements, including snow, ice, rain,  and harmful UV rays, all of which can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle.  If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to shield your car from the elements, consider a car canopy.

Here are some trusted products that will do the work and meet your budget:

Ace Enclosed Canopy for Cars

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Measuring a generous 18′ x 20′, this canopy is best for cars or boats.  It is equipped with a super heavy-duty tarp cover and walls, all  offering UV protection.  The heavy-duty ball bungee cords will last from season to season, and the borders of the walls and cover are stitched with a double flap, and then heat-sealed.  This sheltered canopy is super weather resistant, heat resistant,  and 100 percent waterproof.  No tools are needed for set up.  The heavy-duty 18-gauge galvanized steel poles are 1-3/8″ in diameter and put together virtually hassle-free.   Choose a silver or white canopy.  Each comes with a five-year warranty against erosion for both the top cover and the frame.  The Ace Enclosed Canopy for Cars is marked at $700.  Check acecanopy.com for more information.

Ace Enclosed Canopy for Cars

This smaller model measures 10′ x 10′, still providing ample room for single-vehicle parking.  Like the bigger version, this car canopy is made with super heavy-duty tarp cover and walls with full UV shield and super heat resistant.  It is also waterproof and weather resistant. Other characteristics include heavy-duty ball bungee cords and 1-3/8″ diameter heavy-duty 17-gauge galvanized steel poles.  Again, these car canopies are guaranteed for five years, can be assembled without tools,  and are available in your choice of white or silver.  The cost of the Ace 10′ x 10′ Enclosed Car Canopy is $300.  Check at acecanopy.com.

Gothic Arch Canopy

At 10′ x 20′, these canopies are ideal for protection for trailers, cars, golf carts,  ATVs and snowmobiles, and can also provide the perfect shelter for garden parties and pool decks.   The curved roof line of the Gothic Arch Canopy gives this style a more distinguished appearance than other design models.  The white cover with drawstring ends creates a clean, neat look.  Like other models, this canopy is easy to put up with no tools required.  You can buy the Gothic Arch Canopy for $299.  Order online at store.all-garage.com.

Hercules Canopy

Multi-vehicle families love the aptly named Hercules Canopy for it’s gigantic size.  At an enormous  18′ x 27′, it’s like having a double car garage.  This very strong unit boasts a two-inch powder coated frame, with plastic footpads to secure the surface of the unit that it is placed on.  These pads may also be used for organizing the Hercules Canopy on hard surfaces such as concrete.  The Hercules Canopy is marked at $545.   Check screen-house.com to order.

Silver Car Canopy King Canopy

This 11′ x 27′ canopy provides optimal security.  The tough cover is in step with metal concrete base plates and screw-in ground anchors, establishing a heavy-duty garage-like structure.  Visit screen-house.com or call 1-800-922-4760 to order.   The King Canopy Silver Car Canopy is priced at $659.99.

Your vehicle is possibly one of the largest investments you’ve ever made; so don’t take chances with your vehicle garage.  Protect your baby from sun,  rain, ice, and wind,  and secure your investment.

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