Got a red light glowing on your dash? Have no idea what it means? Trust us, you’re not alone. And now a company is here to help. AutoXray, a provider of automotive scan tools for professional automotive technicians and do-it-yourselfers has just introduced two new products geared specifically to those who have no mechanical expertise.

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The new AutoXray CodeScout tells you what trouble codes are causing your annoying “Check Engine” light to come on and empowers you with that information before a costly trip to a repair shop. (And gosh, we love to be empowered.) The product will tell you in plain English–no codes to decipher–what has triggered the problem, enabling consumers to determine whether or not the problem can be fixed easily at home or if a trip to a professional technician is required. If the problem warrants a trip to a service facility, you will already know what the problem is, helping prevent unnecessary repairs. The CodeScout will also run a check to show if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. In emission-test mode, it will alert you to problems and enable you to troubleshoot them, giving you peace of mind before going for an emissions test. (And we like peace of mind as much as being empowered.)

The AutoXray CodeTrack is designed for those with no previous mechanical experience, but who are eager to get their hands dirty. Once you’ve retrieved your vehicle’s trouble code, you can use CodeTrack to find out exactly how to fix it. For those who seek in depth information, the AutoXray CodeTrack software program allows you to track the code to a detailed description, common symptoms, and step-by-step diagnostic advice helping you get on the road faster. The CodeTrack program is written in clear, concise language for consumers yet provides information that can be useful for the professional technician. AutoXray consulted with professional training organizations to ensure that the CodeTrack software program is easy to understand and use.

By using the CodeScout and CodeTrack together, consumers will finally get a chance to obtain and decipher those pesky “codes,” gain knowledge of what’s wrong with their vehicles and how to fix them. The AutoXray CodeScout will be available to consumers early in 2005 with a suggested retail price of $130, and the CodeTrack will retail for $130 making it an affordable alternative to expensive trips to the repair shop. Both the CodeScout and CodeTrack can be used on vehicles from 1996 to current model year. The products will be available at major retailers nationwide or at

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