Should they be banished to the dungeon? Beheaded? Forced to watch re-runs of “Benny Hill?” Maybe those punishments are too cruel, but 63 percent of Britain’s drivers believe that those who drive without insurance should be punished, and they don’t hold out much hope that the offenders will change their evil ways. Only 31 percent of those surveyed believe offenders should be rehabilitated, according to research conducted by leading motor insurer Co-operative Insurance Society Limited (CIS).

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The research was designed to gauge the views and attitudes of insured drivers towards those who drive uninsured. The results were rather harsh. Some 35 percent felt that those who drove without insurance were “irresponsible, stupid, a danger, and a risk to other road users.” Not only that, but an unreported percentage says they “smelled bad” and “wore ugly clothing.”

When asked what their opinions were about appropriate penalties for driving without insurance, respondents were of a firm belief that penalties were too lenient, especially for persistent offenders. And they felt that existing penalties were not an effective deterrent.

What would be an effective deterrent? About 20 percent of respondents thought that uninsured drivers should be banned with six percent believing the ban should be for life. A full 17 percent thought that uninsured drivers should be sent to jail, while a cynical few felt that “just living in Britain is punishment enough.”

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