The job of a sales representative is normally mistaken as dull and boring. The reality is that these are the people who are keeping the automotive industry alive. Every time a new automotive model is introduced to the public, the sales representative is tasked with the job to sell it.

Automobiles are major long-term investments that are quite expensive, which is why customers do take their time when it comes to choosing their car.

People who wish to buy a car usually look for fuel efficiency, comformability and safety. If there is a car in the dealership that offers all of these 3 features then the sales representative would only need to make the correct moves to deal with a soon-to-be satisfied customer. 

Selling a car could be quite challenging and takes practice and time to build a rapport with the customer. Selling cars is not for everybody but if one has the talent for selling, then there is really no reason to not give it a go.

A blue Mazda

When a potential customer enters the dealership, the representative knows that the person is interested in buying a car. It is time to get to the point after the initial pleasantries are done with.

* Is the car preference based on whether it will be for family or personal use?

* Does the potential car owner do a lot of work or carry a lot of things?

* How much is the customer willing to spend?

* Are they looking for particular safety features in the car?

* Which color do they prefer?

After obtaining a few important details, the representative can narrow down the models that the customer can choose from. The important details include fuel consumption for highway and city driving, safety features, and other included amenities.

The customer can also get a feel of the car interior by sitting in it. The sales representative can also accompany the customer to test drive the car and see how it actually performs on the road.

There are, of course, some lean days and months in the business. It is during these lean months that the management of the car dealership comes up with enticing promotional offers to draw in potential customers.

A low payment or zero interest plans could be on offer. Some dealerships sometimes offer easy payment terms in addition to low down payments to make it more affordable for the customer.

A vehicle’s warranty is another major concern. Just what is the coverage of the warranty?

All the pertinent details about the warranty and its coverage can be explained by the sales representative. In case there are certain aspects that are not included, a service contract is offered.

The service contract may require an additional fee from the customer; however, if a sales representative is honest and friendly then the car is really as good as sold.

Do not be impatient if the customer does not immediately make a decision. They may even require a week to make that big step. A good sales representative should take it upon him/herself to follow-up with the customer without becoming a nuisance.

The car industry does make money by being able to sell cars, which is accomplished by having sales representatives that are well-trained on the sales floor.

One great thing about working as a car sales representative is there is an additional commission for every car sold in addition to the regular basic pay. Doesn’t this make car selling the best in the car industry?

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