Use this handy checklist when you are inspecting a used car. If some of the items below seem too “picky” for you, skip them: but remember that little annoyances today can grow into huge disturbances tomorrow.

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_____Look for unmatched paint or poor body fit (may indicate collision damage).

_____Check for body filler (use a refrigerator magnet on suspicious spots, unless body panel is not made of metal to begin with).

_____Look for rust all around, especially at wheelwells, under doors, in trunk.

_____Musty smell or dampness in trunk may indicate collision damage. Read more . . .

The sheer variety of vehicles available from so many manufacturers can easily overwhelm an unprepared shopper. Below, we tackle as many of the issues, in as much detail as we think you can stand!

• How much car do you really need?Buy a car
• Budget early
• Research insurance costs
• Color and trim
• Lease or buy?
• Choosing a dealer
• Negotiating
• Saving money
• Negotiating psychology
• Financing and contracts Read more . . .