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If you’ve ever tried to vacuum your car using a household vacuum cleaner, you know how difficult it can be.  The hose gets tangled, the nozzles are just too big to get the crumbs from those small nooks and crannies, and the cord won’t reach the driveway.

That’s why a car vacuum cleaner can be a wise investment for drivers who take pride in their rides.


There are three kinds of car vacuum cleaners to choose from:

* Cordless:  Battery operated cordless styles can be the best option, as they have no cords to hold you back.  The vacuum obtains its charge from a power center that plugs into the wall.  When the vacuum is fully charged, you’re free to use it on the seats,  in the trunks, under the dash, — anywhere that dirt can hide.

* Car Lighter Plug-in:  You might select a car vacuum cleaner that utilizes the cigarette lighter as a power supply.  The benefit of this type of vacuum is that there is a reliable source of power, right inside the car.  While you won’t have the versatile movement that a cordless style provides, you can rely on full-power performance whenever you need it.

* Electrical Plug-in:  Some car vacuum cleaners use a normal AC outlet for electricity.  This can be a good option if you normally park inside the garage to clean your car, or if you don’t mind using a length of outdoor extension cord.  Another advantage is that you’re free to use the vacuum throughout the house, rather than only in the car.

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Like their household cousins, car vacuum cleaners can come as bagless or standard models.  Bagless models provide greater convenience and can cost a little more, but both types work equally good.

Turf and Surf

If you find yourself getting into all kinds of messes, you should opt for a flexible wet-dry car vacuum cleaner.  These hardworking helpers can clean up spilled coffee, muddy messes,  and water from mats, carpets, and the console.  It’s much easier to vacuum up muddy paw prints and footprints than the old-fashioned blot-and-wipe method.  There are drawbacks to wet-dry vacuums, as they can leak or clog, and they are likely to suffer from comparatively short life spans.  If the majority of your messes involve simple crumbs, dirt, and stones,  then a regular dry vacuum is probably your best bet.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Some clever manufacturers have begun to create vacuums that also perform as blowers.  This dual usage is a blessing for most drivers, as they can use the blower function as an air compressor to inflate tires.  The blower is great for clearing dust from small places that are too tiny to vacuum properly, such as vent openings.  It’s useful for other household jobs too, like blowing up pools and sports equipment.

If you’re looking for a car vacuum cleaner, you’ll find that there are many styles available, some with handy attachments.  There are car vacuums with lights to help you see under dashboards and seats, and others that come with accessories such as crevice tools and carpet brushes.

If you take pride in your car, invest in a good quality car vacuum cleaner.  It’s simply the thing to keep your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.

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