White and gray Ford for sale


For the private owner to market a car for sale while avoiding the dangers associated with selling it privately is no small undertaking.  The following points should be taken into consideration :

Secret #1: Evaluate Your Personal Circumstances

The kind of person you are and the situations you are in,  play a major role in the decision to sell your own car. Before setting out to sell your car yourself, ensure that you have confidence in discussing with prospective buyers. Test-drives and phone calls are part of the procedures,  so it is important to be prepared to handle these as well. Simply knowing yourself and what you’re going to face is absolutely crucial. Read more . . .

Corvette - yellow body, black top


People lease cars for various reasons.  Some drivers are capable of writing off their transportation costs at tax time.  There are those who lease to provide themselves with a regular supply of new cars.  Others still simply favour leasing to the hassles of car ownership.

Whatever your rationale for leasing a car, you need to know how to spot a good deal,  and save money on your lease. Read more . . .

Dollar sign over the earth


Leasing an automobile can leave the average consumer feeling flabbergasted by the mathematical equations that unfold before you.  The very basic process can seem like a numeric undertaking that requires an Einstein-like understanding of figures.  That’s just what the leasing companies would like you to believe.

Many of us shy away from the seemingly complicated equations that determine our monthly lease payments, preferring instead to leave the calculations to the dealer.  It’s actually not that difficult.  Once you have a basic understanding of all the figures in calculating your monthly payments, it can all fall into place very nicely. Read more . . .

Rolled money


There are many ways to bargain for the best fair profit offer on car financing, more commonly known as car loans. However, most buyers generally make two of the biggest new car financing blunders possible when searching for car loans. The first is trying to purchase a new car without checking online car loan rates. The second is then proceeding to get a car loan without validating whether or not their credit history can support it. The most ordinary automobile financing mistakes are by people who get their car loan at the dealer. Keeping a few pointers in mind can help prevent making such mistakes. Read more . . .

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Sooner or later, everyone needs or wants to buy a vehicle;  and unless you have a money tree in your backyard, you’re going to need to take out a loan.

Virtually every new car purchase needs financing from a bank or other financial institution.  The only other option is to pay cash,  an option few of us have at our disposal.  If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ll need financing,  and in order to make the right conclusions, you need to know Read more . . .